Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm a softy

So as most people probably know... Greece was my full reason for wanting to do this Euro trip in the first place. I guess it was the same reason why i always knew that i wanted to go to Australia. It's one of those places where i saw pictures and just realized that i needed to see it for myself in person. I can say honestly that in no way have i been disappointed so far.

Athens was beautiful! Well... most of it. Seeing the acropolis and walking all over town trying to visit every kind of sight i could see was very fun. The rest of the city was sort of run down and dirty but the parts worth seeing are definitely worth the trip. It's definitely a work out climbing all those steps and hills but totally worth it once i got to the top and was able to snap the most amazing scenic photos. I spent one full day in Athens walking through the Parthenon, Agora, and all those famous sights and another 2 days shopping! I had so much fun walking through all the markets and then checking out the other types of shopping and exploring the greek styles. I bought a ring at the flea markets and a couple tops at the stores. I'm starting to have to be very smart about packing and already starting to think about what i woudln't mind leaving behind.
My hostel was really cute and small. I think i liked it though because then i was able to meet alot of people. On my first night i met these 2 American guys and the second night i met a French Canadian girl and another American guy. On the second night we all decided that we wanted to go to the greek islands and figured it would probably be cheaper if we booked it together. The next day we went to the travel agent and booked our ferries and hotels for 3 different islands. We ended up getting an amazing deal and talked him down into charging us the same as we would pay for hostels.

Our first stop was Mykonos. It's only about 22 degrees here and kind of windy so a bit chilly but stunning and gorgeous! Half an hour after we checked into out hotel we decided to rent atvs and explore the island. There's a number of beaches we could visit and cute shops to check out. Probably the most amazing feeling was cruising around on the windy streets overlooking the sun shining off the water with the white buildings crawling up the side of the island. That moment was exactly what i had pictured this whole time when i imagined what my trip would be like. I coudln't wipe the stupid grin off my face and coudln't help but wish that i never had to leave. I've heard even better things about Santorini and i can't imagine anything topping this feeling that i have.

When we were on the ferry on our way here i went onto the back of the boat by myself and just sat there for ages trying to take in as much as possible. I watched the wake behind the boat as we cruised past massive islands that popped out of the sea. The water was a deep kind of clear blue but in the wake had more of an aqua colour. The sun was high in the sky with a lighter shade of blue all over the sky. Only a few small puffy clouds floated by and i was left with such a calm feeling. As much as i just wanted to get to Mykonos and go exploring i really enjoyed the trip. It sort of reminded me of when i sailed around the Whitsunday islands in Australia... except i was sailing on a much bigger boat.
Maybe at home i just never take the time to enjoy the scenery or smell the roses but i can't remember feeling this happy or this fulfilled in a long time. The whole time i sat out there i kept feeling so blessed that i was able to be here and see a part of this crazy world that God created. He must have had so much fun putting it all together. I at least know that i'm having alot of fun checking it out.
As i write this i'm sitting on a balcony at my hotel overlooking the pool that sits right in front of the water of the Mediterranean Sea. I think i'm turned into a bit of a sap but if there was no one around i might cry. It would be the happiest cry and i just know that this is exactly where i'm supposed to be. The only thing better would be if my butt was planted in the sand...
That being said, I'm off to enjoy my day. I have 2 more days here then i'm off to Ios for 2 days and Santorini for 3. The plan after that is to head to Italy. However, i'm trying to not plan too far ahead but i'm too busy taking in every moment that i can while i'm here.

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