Wednesday, 13 October 2010

1 month mark

I can't believe that it's been a month since i've been gone. It has gone way too fast so far. I'd like the days to go just a little bit slower so that my time away seems less like a blink when i look back at my trip.

Ios is a beautiful island (i sound like a broken record). We are staying at this hotel that is in the middle between the main beach and town. Today we went to the beach and ate breakfast at this restaurant then spent the whole afternoon just laying there and enjoying the weather. It was kind of hazy so the sun wasn't as strong as i'm sure it normally is but i liked it that way. It was a little red riding hood kind of day - not too hot, not too cold, just right!

I was able to talk to Cale on skype today and it made me so happy to talk to a familiar voice. The internet was terrible so the call got cut short but we still probably talked for a good half hour.
This hotel doesn't have bed bugs, which i am sooo thanksful for! My last hotel in Mykonos was beautiful and looked clean but i got destroyed by bugs! My arms and legs got most of it, but my hands and face also got quite a few bites. When i figured out that my bed had bugs i talked to the lady at reception and she switched my room but i'm still so terrified to wear any of my clothes that might have bugs in them. So i've been a dirty girl and keep wearing the same outfit that i know is free of bugs. I need to wait until i'm back on mainland i think, otherwise laundry is kind of a mission and i need to so a huge load so i don't really want to be dragging my bag all across town looking for a laundromat.

I met the owner of the hotel i'm staying at here in Ios and he said if i'd like that i can come back during the busy season next summer and work at the hotel. He said i would have my own accommodation and that i could make between 6 and 7 thousand euros in 4 months. I have to say... the opportunity to come and live on the side of this island overlooking the beach and Mediterranean Sea doesn't sound like the worst thing ever. The money woudln't even be the thing for me beause i just keep looking at servers who work on a restaurant overlooking the water and think they must be so lucky. I've talked to a few and they all say they're just used to it... but i'm sure that if i got to work and see the most amazing scenery surrounding me, i would try my best not to take it for granted. Who knows, maybe working in Guelph is someone's dream and i'm taking that for granted... but i doubt it!

Every local i've talked to has said that the busy season just ended so lots of shops are closed and restaurants no longer have everything on their menus. I think i probably prefer it. I guess i've never experienced busy season but it's kind of nice not having to fight for a spot on the beach. Quiet is good sometimes.

I've been thinking about my plans for heading to Italy once my ferry brings me back to Athens and i've decided not to leave Greece so soon. There's so much more on mainland Greece that i haven't seen yet. Virginia (the girl from Montreal that i'm travelling with) and I decided to go see some more of Greece together. Apparently there are some cool monestaries as well as other famous places so i figured i might as well get a better idea of Greece outside of Athens and the islands.

One thing i was telling Cale about today was how many stray animals are all over the place. Cats pretty much run the show over here. They will fully come up to us while we're eating and grab a seat at the table with us. Dogs were all over the streets of Athens. At almost every street corner i'd see a dog just passed out as traffic and people are all around. Most of the animals look very mangy but i've seen a bunch that actually had collars so they must belong to someone. On the islands, goats are everywhere! On front lawns, on the side of the road, or fenced in where i would expect to see them. Today as i walked down this massive hill to get to the beach i noticed a horse just hanging out on the side of a cliff. So strange! I feel like i'm walking through one huge petting zoo... all day long.

Next, we're off to Santorini. On my list of things to accomplish is:
-ride a Donkey, just because i can rent one
-go see the volcano and touch it
-have a mud bath
-get as much sun as possible
-do laundry and be bed bug free so i can stop being paranoid, shaking every two seconds, and scratching my body like i have a disease

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