Saturday, 25 September 2010

People Watching

I'm not too sure what's wrong with me... as i'm sitting here in the Frankfurt airport waiting for Natalie to arrive i've almost cried twice while people watching. I saw this man waiting for his wife and two kids at the gate. When his little boy walked through the doors they met and held hands over the glass barrier the whole way around until the little boy came to the exit and jumped on his dad for a hug. I have no idea what they were saying but German spoken by a little kid is just the cutest... whether i understand it or not. The second time, i saw this man in his 60s pacing back and forth holding a little bouquet of gerber daisies. I smiled at him but he just gave me a nervous look and half smile. I'm not the type to cry during commercials or usually cry for any other reason besides pain, but these little moments that i just observed actually made tears come to my eyes. If anyone saw me watching them they might wonder why that strange girl is crying and staring. I kind of wondered the same thing! I guess it just touched me and i got excited for when i come home and have the people i care about waiting for me. (NOT that i'm ready to come home yet!)

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  1. You are a changed woman lol dogs on your lap , crying because its cute! What has this trip done to you? lol ps i commented on your last post but for some reason it did not post and then disappeared but my response wasn't exciting so i did not re -write all i really wanted to know was if your boots were expensive and if shopping there in general is expensive?

    Miss ya!